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Google search optimization is a key component of Internet Marketing. There are many ways to promote your websites and get your information in front of your audience but none is as powerful as Google search optimization. This should be one of your first considerations when designing the content for your site. This article will examine the techniques you should implement to maximize your Google search optimization.

In 1997 the term SEO was coined by the Multimedia Marketing Group. This term described Google search optimization as a way to increase the traffic to your website. Internet Marketing was in its infancy and started a meteoric rise over the next decade. Early efforts to optimize site search provided an algorithm that was heavily biased toward keywords. Unscrupulous marketers picked up on the weighting of keywords and began to “keyword stuff” their websites. This provided them with high rankings in the search engine but lowered the usefulness of the searches. This problem was corrected and the keywords were given less weight in Google’s algorithm. Keywords became much less important and relevance to the site was added as an additional weighting factor. Many iterations later we are left with a complex algorithm that ranks websites. It is still possible to help your website to rank and massage your website for Google search optimization.

The current search engine algorithm needs to basic things to get your site to rank, on page and off page strategies. The on page strategies require 5 basic things. Keywords are still important but these must be relevant to the content on your pages. Meta data will also help. Meta data is information that is not displayed on the page but exists in the code behind the scenes. In the header of your site the meta data should contain your header information, a title and a description of the site. These should contain your keyword. The final item that should be included in your website is crosslinking. Your pages should have links from one page (the keyword phrase) to another.

Off page strategies for Google search optimization are typically backlinks. These can be simple backlinks such as providing your site links to various web 2.0 properties or pinging your site from one of the many sites designed to let the internet know your site exists. They can also be articles that are written to target a specific keyword phrase that is relevant to your site and providing a link from the article to your site. Videos, posted at You Tube or another video posting site can provide backlinks by including your site link in the description text of the video.

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