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Any creative advertising agency requires a proper brief to actually keep on track of the objectives and branding goals of the client. Any brand agency requires a solid brief to function properly and this is one of the most crucial aspects towards the eventual success of any project. A written guideline should be clear and concise enough to give the creative team proper insights about the client’s branding objectives and the entire purposes of the campaign as a whole. The creative brief has to be designed in a proper manner, covering all the stages of the project from the initiation of the concept to completion. The creative brief should contain brand strategy, execution details, client goals and the desired target audience.

The account executive usually prepares the desired creative brief post meetings with the client. A seasoned advertising and marketing agency usually prepares a specialized system where in-house job tickets are generated during entry. Creative briefs also make sure that requisite team members are allocated to suitable jobs and also possess contact details of clients, deadline information, budgetary information, project based execution stages and other important dates. This is very crucial for appropriate project planning.

For any advertising agency, the creative brief must include a proper summary wherein the goals of the project are highlighted above all else. The purpose of the advertisement should be suitably detailed along with other essential details. The summary can also contain information and insights on similar work done by rival agencies or even past project references. The brief should profile the desired target audience for any particular product by the means of demographics. The average product user must be defined properly with special reference to family, age, occupation, gender, income and other necessary variables. Apart from the target audience delineation, the brief should also define the suitable message that has to be properly conveyed to the same.

The brief for a media agency in should also look at addressing the building of relationships between consumers and brands. The end result desired by the client should also be delineated in the brief along with a clear picture of the deliverables such as media buying information, outdoor strategies, and television running time, online advertising strategies to be undertaken and so on. Once a well defined brief is put forth to any advertising agency, the creative team actually gets a shot in the arm while planning the campaign in the most fool proof and professional manner. Agencies can only neglect the written brief at their own peril.

Post Author: Calty Serial